Rebellion: The Legend of Paladin


Our braves heroes landed on the nearly desolate world of Tattooine, a world on the outer rim of the galaxy, whose exports are condensation, crime, and sand. Quickly landing and getting into their more ostentatious characters, Martika, Edge, and Tabby found their fans and their element, playing it up to hide their true objectives. Being shown their venue and their hotel, Martika discovered a strange presence in the force, and sought to investigate. Their poor manager, Gooram Binks, was asked to put to party together for everyone in the hotel, under the guise of meeting fans and attracting new ones. Martika’s wish was fulfilled when this strange presence made itself known at the party, standing on a fire escape just outside the window.

Beckoning her with only the ambiguous message of “Alone,” Martika followed her new “friend” into the red light district of Mos Vespa, and down into a dark alley. In the conversation that followed, the strange, dark-garbed, hooded figure would only tell her to leave, that the presence of Jedi on Tattooine placed something very precious in jeopardy. It also warned her away from Alderaan. The figure then parted, leaving only his vague message.

Later, after the party, the adventurers found a note left behind rather conspicuously by a gentleman. On it was a set of coordinates and a time, as well as the family crest of Marek, the adopted symbol of the Rebellion.